dBpoweramp Batch Ripper

dBpoweramp Batch Ripper 2.0

dBpoweramp Batch Ripper facilitates automated ripping of Audio CDs
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The Dbpoweramp Batch Ripper 1.0 is a software audio program designed to provide users with the automated ability to rip Audio CDs using a single drive or multi-drive robotic ripping.
With Dbpoweramp Batch Ripper 1.0 users can rip over 120 discs per hour through-put per machine (6xdrives). The program is especially useful for radio stations or commercial ripping houses, and individuals too. The program features the highest quality metadata providers: AMG and GD3, with extensive customizable meta-date rule sets.

Dbpoweramp Batch Ripper 1.0 requires dBpoweramp Reference Registered or Trial which offers technically advanced features and this is offered for download prior to the installation of Dbpoweramp Batch Ripper 1.0. Users can also install the AutoLoader Drivers they need at the same time for Amtren and Discmakers Elite Macro, MFDigital, Baxter, Datatronics Minicubas, Media Changers such as Sony XLBx, and from many more selections. There are also optional downloads with the program such as DSP effects, which process the audio signal i.e., a graphic equalizer. There is also a massive 7.8 MB of codecs for Reference available including Monkeys Audio, WavPack etc. Dbpoweramp Batch Ripper 1.0 trial operates while dBpoeramp Reference is under trial for 21 days from install and the Batch Ripper requires download of dBpoweram Music Converter available for download on the same page.

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  • Huge collection of audio codecs available


  • Very complex program combination
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